After School Program

The Water Tower After School Program runs Monday through Friday between the hours of 3-6pm. Most of the children participating in the program attend Jenks, and those students are picked up by our staff from their school yard and walked back to Water Tower each day. Children attending other schools are also welcome, they just need their own transportation to the facility as we do not pick up from any other schools. If your child goes to Henry there is a van service that many of our children use to get to the recreation center. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM FOLLOWS THE PHILADELPHIA PUBLIC SCHOOL DISTRICT CALENDAR. If school is closed for any reason, there is NO WATER TOWER AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM. If there is a scheduled half-day for a professional development meeting or report card conferences, we will pick the kids up at Jenks at 12pm and provide lunches (and activities during report card weeks). If school dismisses early unexpectedly for snow, heat, or any other unannounced issue, the After School Program WILL NOT PICK STUDENTS UP EARLY, AND PARENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR MAKING OTHER ARRANGEMENTS.

We find it important to make the program educational, but also enjoyable as the students just spent six hours in school. We also feel strongly that structure, organization, and consistency are integral components of a successful after school home. For that reason, there is a basic daily schedule that the program follows with rotating free activities during the last hour. Once all students have arrived at the Water Tower we use the restrooms and vending machines and then serve our daily city lunches. Snack time is usually from 3:40-4pm and then we clean up and begin homework time. The students are separated into two classrooms, a smaller, more intimate room with learning supports and soft music for the kindergarten and first graders, and our larger multi-purpose room for the second grade and up. Depending on the age and grade level, students may not need the entire 50-60 minutes for homework, however this time is a mandatory quiet and independent working period designed to get as much of their work out of the way as possible. While we cannot guarantee that everything is completed or checked, we have several teachers available to assist the students in an effort to ensure that this is a productive and useful hour. We ask that all students have a quiet activity in their backpack at all times in case they do not have homework or are finished early.

Last year we purchased laptops and a storage and charging station so that we have portable devices available to the students for online homework. We plan to puchase another 20 chromebooks for the program by the end of the year. We are part of the citywide REACH program which strives to achieve wellness in many categories including arts, environmental awareness, outdoor fun, sports, and fitness and healthy habits. Weekly activities are offered in these areas and students participate either as they finish their homework or during the free hour from 5-6pm. Most weeks students are offered the chance to cook in our kitchen, use the new laptops or touchscreen desktops, create arts and crafts for the monthly visual arts competitions, and play board games or in the gym.

The monthly tuition is $180 per child ($320/month for 2 children) and it is due by the last day of the month prior. $230 is due upon registration ($420/2 children) to cover the first month and the one time $50 registration fee which goes towards the pizza lunches that we provide on the professional development half day dismissals. All payments must be made in check or money order made payable to the Water Tower Advisory Council. When the students have three half days for report card conferences, an additional $30 per child will be collected to cover lunches for the three days, a bus, trip expenses, and supplies for extra activities. Advanced notice will be given regarding these collections but generally speaking report card conferences are usually in November, February, and May. Monthly tuition will NOT be pro-rated or lowered due to school holidays (except for Winter Break and Spring Break), and it will not be increased for the 30+ half days when we will have the students for extra hours. Monthly tuition for any months that have 5 weeks will be $225.

For more information contact: Gina Maletta-Sannicandro at 215-817-6169 or